The program is available to members of the program nationwide. In order to receive your benefits, it is important to register in the program prior to contacting any real estate professional.

For the states that allow rebates, you will receive 20% of the buy or sell commission.

Your Cash Rebate can be calculated using the following:

(Sales Price) x (Buy/Sell Commission %) x 20% = Cash Rebate

Use the form below to calculate your Cash Rebate:

Calculate Your Real Estate Cash Rebate
Sales price of the property: USD
Buy/Sell commission percentage: %
Sales Rebate: %

Eligibility Requirements

Our experts can assist in any market throughout the United States. By enrolling in our program, you are ensured to be connected with the most experienced REALTORSĀ® in your desired market.

We can still assist you even if a rebate is not permitted, and recommend a real estate professional in these states.

You may not be eligible if:Ā 

  • You are already in touch and committed to working with a real estate professional.

  • You are participating in another employer sponsored or affinity program.

  • Your state does not allow rebates. Click on the Non-Rebate States list.