When starting your search, obtaining a mortgage pre-approval is critical to securing the right property. Knowing your price range and market will assist in making the right decision on your long term investment and your dream home. To enroll in our mortgage pre-approval program, click on the ENROLL button.

Get Pre-qualified

By getting pre-qualified, you will receive a full understanding of your mortgage options and price range. You can get pre-qualified via phone, online application, or in person.

Visit Properties

Work with your real estate broker to determine your optimum location, visit properties and discover your dream home.

Write an Offer to Purchase

An Offer to Purchase, including a Pre-Approval Letter, is regarded as more credible.

Complete Your Mortgage Application

Upon acceptance of your offer, complete your mortgage application. Collect and send your mortgage application documents to your loan officer, who will prepare your application for your signature. After signing your mortgage application, your lender will order a property appraisal. The appraiser then determines if the accepted sales price meets all of the required guidelines.

Complete Property Inspections & Get Homeowner’s Insurance

Property inspections are completed and repair issues (if any) are negotiated with the seller. Select the right homeowner’s insurance and have your insurance agent contact your lender immediately.

Application Review

Your loan will then be reviewed and underwritten. Upon receipt of the necessary documentation, the file goes to our underwriter for approval. A loan may be approved entirely, or with conditions. If there are conditions, the loan processor will review them.

Final Pre-Closing Details

Inspection report(s), appraisal and application documents are brought together to create your “closing package.” Once all conditions have been satisfied, your documentation is in hand, and your appraisal has been received, our underwriters will approve your package for closing. During this time, your homeowner’s insurance company will need the final appraisal to bind your insurance coverage.